Buying, Selling, Leasing or Developing Property

If you are any of the above, you will require legal advice and documentation, such as purchase and sell agreements or developing agreement. We can assist you in perfecting your agreements to avoid possible disputes down the road. Trust in Scott Flaxman’s 20 years of experience in the real estate industry.
Land Use & Zoning

We can help you with arguing your case against the city if they are telling you that you cannot zone your vacant land for 20 apartments, only 5 due to a large amount of apartment buildings already built in the area. We are able to go to bat for you and get you the zoning you are looking for.
Disputes With Real Estate Brokers, Escrow Officers or Lenders

In connection with the purchase of real estate, there are lenders, brokers and escrow officers involved. Issues can arise with each of these individuals as to how the prepared the paperwork such as instructions and with the deeds. There could also be disputes with the fees incurred such as loan costs and the interpretation of documents. We help you navigate these disputes with efficiency and accuracy throughout the entire process.
Construction Defect Cases

When you hire a contractor to build a house on a lot and come to find out weeks after completion that there are leaks or defects in the structure, we help you to nail down exactly whose fault the defect is. With construction, there are a lot of people that go into the project, such as the architect, the foundation company, electrician, plumber, etc. We help you figure out who is responsible for repairing and recovering the cost of the damages.

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